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Kona RainForest Farms produces approximately 5,000 lbs. of the highest quality roasted Organic 100% Kona Coffee beans per year. This coffee becomes our Private Reserve Estate Coffee, which we offer through our exclusive Estate Crop Share Program. Club membership is your opportunity to share in the farm’s annual coffee crop. We have divided the anticipated crop into 12 pound increments (1 pound per month) yielding 400 CropShare positions. Our Private Reserve 100% Kona RainForest Estate Organic Coffee is provided exclusively to CropShare members. It is not available to anyone else. In wine terms this would be Estate (single farm) and Vintage (individual year).

This is one of the best estate coffees Kona has to offer. You can’t miss its powerful fragrance and aroma. In the cup the texture is rich and deep, yet soft and creamy. It is naturally sweet with quiet acidity, full body, and classic Kona flavors enhanced by fruity notes suggestive of apricot. A buttery finish lingers a long time. We achieve this high quality coffee by not using harsh pesticides and herbicides on our coffee. It is achieved through 100% organic practices and much Love and Aloha.

With your membership, you will receive a seniority number which reflects the next share available. Your seniority is important. For instance if we have a low crop year, those with the lowest numbers are guaranteed their entire share while those with the highest seniority numbers will have to wait until the next crop is available. While we have recently planted more acreage, it will be a couple of years before we are able to increase the number of CropShares.

There are no membership fees, we simply ask you to commit to purchase one pound of coffee (one CropShare) per month, for a 12 month minimum period. Of course, if you wish to receive more than one pound of Estate coffee per month you can, but this would depend upon additional CropShares being available. Your coffee will be shipped by air the day after it is roasted, assuring you maximum freshness and flavor.

Estate CropShare Club – Ohana Advantages

As a new Estate CropShare Club member you are entitled to the following::

  • You will receive 1 lb. of the farm’s Certified Organic 100% Kona RainForest Farms Estate Coffee shipped monthly and billed to your credit card at $39.00 per pound.
  • Your coffee is guaranteed fresh with every shipment.
  • You may order more than 1 share (1 pound) if there are additional priority positions available when your order is submitted or you may add shares at a later date.
  • As an Estate CropShare Club (Special CropShare Member Getaway) member you are also entitled to discounts at our beautiful farm guesthouse. Enjoy a private farm tour with us and then dine with Estate owners Robert and Dawn.

Please read our Purchase Policies.

To order your CropShare subscription, please fill out our CROPSHARE REQUISITION FORM.