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Kona RainForest Coffee Wins 2012 Kona Coffee Cupping Competition Classic Division

KONA, HAWAII (Nov. 8, 2012) — Winners of the prestigious Kona Coffee Cupping Competition were announced by Kona Coffee Council, the event organizers, during the 42nd Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. Kona RainForest Coffee won the coveted Kona Coffee Cupping Competition Classic Division, beating out more than forty other entries. Arianna Farms repeats its win in the Crown Competition for its third Kona Coffee Cupping award. The Kona Coffee Cupping Competition is sponsored by UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. and Kamehameha Schools.

The Kona Coffee Cupping Competition is Kona’s prestigious annual competition where coffee grown solely on farms in the district of Kona compete to see which Kona coffee farm has standout “Kona characteristics.” Like the vineyards of France, every Kona coffee farm has faintly different characteristics and a unique personality carefully cultivated by the farm’s owner. It was up to the internationally recognized panel of cupping judges to sniff, slurp and taste their way through the entries looking for this year’s cupping winner.

The Kona Coffee Cupping Competition was judged by Head Judge John King of Harold L. King and Co., Makoto Ikeda, UCC Ueshima Coffee Company (Japan), and Phil Maloney of Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Kona Coffee Cupping Classic Competition

Kona RainForest Farm first planted its coffee trees in 1999 and in 2006, Robert and Dawn Barnes purchased the farm, and took on the hard work of growing organically, harvesting, milling and roasting their Kona coffee beans. This 42-acre Kona coffee farm is USDA Certified Organic.

“Growing organic is hard work. Our farm is a working family operation. We are so happy and honored to be recognized with this win for all of the hard work it takes to successfully produce winning certified organic 100% Kona coffee,” said a very excited Robert Barnes.

Kona RainForest Farm has been a cup of choice at the White House, when in 2006 it was served at the National Governors Association dinner. While researching for a coffee story, freelance writer Joel Berliner, who has attended the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, noted that American farmers were not being recognized. He proceeded to send first Lady Laura Bush several pounds of various estate-grown coffees. The rest they say is history.

Kona RainForest coffee is also served at Morimoto Waikiki, brewed in French presses for lunch and dinner at this signature restaurant located in the Waikiki EDITION.


Iron Chef Morimoto at the Kona Rainforest Farm
KONA, BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII (Oct. 19, 2010) – A Kona Coffee farm has gotten a major endorsement from one of the culinary industry’s most well-known names: Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Chef Morimoto has chosen Kona RainForest Farms Coffee as the exclusive coffee to be served at his new Hawaii restaurant, Morimoto Waikiki.

Morimoto Waikiki will serve Kona Rainforest Private Reserve Estate Coffee, a certified organic 100% Kona coffee, brewed in French presses for lunch and dinner at its signature restaurant located in the Waikiki EDITION, a new Ian Schrager luxury lifestyle hotel. Kona RainForest Farms coffee will also be for sale at the restaurant.

The restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offers a contemporary cuisine blending Western ingredients and preparation with traditional Japanese dishes. Kona RainForest Farms Coffee is among the fresh, high quality Hawaii-sourced ingredients – fruits, vegetables, meats and seasonal fish – that will be featured on the Morimoto Waikiki menu.

Iron Chef Morimoto tours the Kona Rainforest Farm

Kona RainForest Farms coffee is grown on a 41-acre estate located at about the 2,000-foot elevation in the prime coffee-growing region of South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The boutique estate grows its coffee organically and sustainably, and then hand harvests, processes and roasts small batches of beans on site to ensure the best flavor.

The honor of being chosen as the signature coffee for Morimoto Waikiki is the latest for Kona Rainforest Coffee, which has already received acclaim at one of the most noted venues in America – the White House in our nation’s capital. In 2006, then-President Bush’s chefs ordered Kona coffee to serve at the National Governors’ White House Dinner. Since then, the Obama White House has ordered more Kona RainForest Farms Private Reserve Estate Coffee for special occasions and State functions.

For Morimoto, who millions know as the iconic star of the popular Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” program, his Morimoto Waikiki is the latest addition to his growing group of international restaurants. These include four restaurants in the Mainland United States: in Philadelphia, New York City, Boca Raton and Napa, California, which opened this past summer, plus two restaurants in New Dehli and Mumbai, India, respectively.

Iron Chef Morimoto and Parchment Art

His restaurants are best known for seamlessly integrating Western and Japanese ingredients to create an innovative and unique “Morimoto signature” cuisine, which will be showcased at Morimoto Waikiki in the form of hot and cold appetizers, entrees, extensive sushi offerings, desserts, custom brew sake and beers and a diverse list of wine and cocktails.

Kona RainForest Farms estate is owned by Robert and Dawn Barnes, who purchased the company in 2006; the first coffee trees were planted on the property in 1999. The estate is one of approximately 600 farms currently growing coffee in Kona, 175 years after the first coffee plants were introduced there.

“We are extremely proud that Kona RainForest Farms will be the exclusive coffee at Morimoto Waikiki,” said Robert Barnes. “Most people know that Iron Chef Morimoto serves outstanding food at his restaurants and we are happy he will be serving the best coffee to his patrons as well.”

For more information about Kona RainForest Farms, their organic coffee, or farm tours, visit www.konarainforest.com or call 808 328-1941.

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Inside the Beltway

By John McCaslin
February 24, 2006

“Kona, sir?”

We’ve written of late that the White House does not serve U.S.-grown coffee at official functions, including state dinners. Rather, the president’s servers pour anonymous blends of foreign coffee beans. Not anymore. Inside the Beltway has learned that President Bush‘s coffee buyers have ordered a fair quantity of American estate-grown Kona coffee, regular and decaf, while promising to be more cognizant of supporting U.S. farmers.

“It has definitely been brought to our attention,” one White House official says.
The White House, we’ve confirmed, will be serving Kona RainForest Farms coffee at the National Governors Association White House dinner this Sunday. Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, whose state produces the coffee, no doubt will be pleased.

The initiative to serve lesser-known American coffee at the White House was spearheaded by freelance writer Joel Berliner, who, when researching a coffee story he is writing for this newspaper’s travel section, learned that Uncle Sam was not supporting his own farmers. So he had several pounds of various U.S. estate-grown coffees sent recently to first lady Laura Bush, senior adviser Karl Rove and White House usher Daniel Shanks.

“Kona is the Napa and Sonoma of coffee, and it’s good to know that the White House is now more mindful about serving and identifying this extraordinary American grown product in the same way as they do premium California wines,” Mr. Berliner tells Inside the Beltway.”